You’ve written something special and want to make sure it shines as brightly and clearly as possible. Then you happen upon the website of a little guy from Cleveland, Tennessee, who claims to know how to polish your writing so it’s ready to hit the press.

But exactly how do I go about doing what I do and what can you expect from my editing services? Let’s consider these questions one at a time.

What is my process? Before we enter into an editing agreement, I will request you submit a sample of your writing. I’ll read and edit the sample as if you were a paying client. Next, I return the edited document to you. If you like the direction I’m going, we discuss the charge for me to complete the project. Note: This cost is contingent upon the length of your project and how much time will be required to edit it.

Want to keep your project’s editing costs down? Great! There are a number of things you can do to lower the cost of my services.

  1. Read your document multiple times and make necessary revisions on your own.
  2. Run your document through some sort of spellcheck program.
  3. Find an online service that will scan your document for words you use over and over. Then change some of these commonly used words some of the time.
  4. Give your project to a trusted friend who will help you find errors you may have overlooked.

Once you take these steps, your book will be much easier for me to handle and therefore be easier on your bank account.

What do I do during editing? In major publishing houses, there are a number of editorial experts who perform a variety of very specific tasks. Depending on where you go, there will be proofreaders, copy editors, developmental editors, and more. Well, I do the work of them all.

I check for spelling, grammar, and usage errors; look for holes in the story’s plot lines; ask questions to clarify your point; and make sure your sentences are easy to read and keep the reader moving forward.

Of course, not everyone is interested in editing services that are this in-depth, and I understand that. Hence why you don’t have to hire me for all of these services. Only want someone to make sure the commas and em-dashes are in the right place? I can do that. Or just want an honest voice who will point out inconsistencies in characters or plot holes in your story? I can do that also.

So whether you’re a writer in Cleveland or Chattanooga, Tennessee, or beyond, if you need some sort of editing assistance on your beloved project, drop me a line to see if my services could be the catalyst to get your project finished and to print!