If you’ve looked for someone to help with your resume, you probably realize that finding a regular person who will treat you like a rock star is virtually impossible. It’s not the resume company’s fault. It happens. Companies get big and customer service is often the first thing to go.

Thankfully, there are options. There are little independent folk who live in your community who are ready to lend a helping hand. And yes, I’m one of them.

Since I’m a one-man show, people who utilize my writing services have unique access to their writer. Want to talk with your resume writer on the phone? I’ll be the one answering. Shoot me an email? The response is from me. Need to pass some helpful documents my way that will aid in the creation of your resume? It’ll be my smiling face and bald head that shows up at Starbucks.

Based in the small city of Cleveland, Tennessee (just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee), I’ve created resumes for people of all walks of life who are in all stages of their careers. Resumes I’ve written have helped hospital administrators, electricians, factory line workers, flight attendants, salespeople, social workers, and others put their best foot forward.

Whether you’re going for an open slot as the CEO of a massive company, trying to look impressive for the first interview of your life, or are anywhere in-between, I’ll build a resume that puts you in an optimal position to land the job of your dreams.

But I don’t just build a resume for you. When I am finished, I provide you with a PDF and a Word document of the resume. I do this so that if you change your aspirations, you can modify the resume to fit your new desires all on your own, without having to pay me to edit the resume. Will being this nice lead to me working my way out of a job? Possibly. But my clients appreciate the gesture, and keeping clients happy—whether they’re looking for a new resume or to have their 40,000-word book edited—is my main goal.

Ready to land your dream job? It starts with the right resume. So drop me a line today and let’s get started!

Cost For Resume Services: $75–$125