Want to score an interview for your dream job? Then you better have a solid resume.

If you don’t have your resume in tiptop shape, you’re not alone. But with the right steps, you’ll have a resume that shines as bright as your hopes and dreams. Keep reading to see what you can do to build a solid resume that puts you in the best position for success.

Aesthetics Matter. The first thing a potential employer is going to do is look at your resume. Hence why it should look like you know what you’re doing. To give this appearance, there should be consistent spacing throughout, easy-to-read fonts, a proper font size, and an understandable layout to your resume. Building a professional-looking resume is the first step to being treated professionally.

Keep It Short. One of the most common mistakes people make with a resume is to attempt to make it as long as possible. While you may think having a three-page resume makes you look impressive, employers disagree. In fact, unless you’ve had decades of experience and are a high-level administrator or an expert in your given field, your resume should be no more than a page.

Skip The Skipping. You may want to list every place you’ve ever worked on a resume. Don’t! If you didn’t spend the better part of a year working somewhere, employers don’t want or need to know about it. If you’ve not worked anywhere longer than three or four months because you’re always looking for a better job, you may not need an updated resume. You may just need to stick with the job you have right now until you’ve been there at least a year. Employers want employees who plan to stick around for a while. If you’ve got a track record of job hopping, it won’t matter how nice your resume looks because you won’t get an interview.

Honesty Is The Best Policy. Want to keep from looking silly during your interview? Be truthful. That means not making up titles or job responsibilities and explaining what you did clearly without exaggeration or deception.

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