Through the years, I’ve worked with a number of writers get their books ready for agents or the self-publishing press. It’s a real pleasure to help them tighten up their prose, correct common grammatical or usage mistakes, and work out plot holes and inconsistencies. However, as many folks as I’ve helped, I’ve had just as many—if not more—walk away when they find out what it costs to have their entire book edited. Because, well, it ain’t cheap.

With that in mind, my editing services aren’t all or nothing. In fact, many books aren’t ready for an all-encompassing edit. Rather, what they need is a pair of eyes that can identify issues quick and point the writer in the right direction. And that’s what I provide to writers who decide a full edit is a bit premature or expensive.

What does this service entail?

You send over the first bit of your manuscript—no more than twenty pages. I, in turn, read over the document and point out issues that your specific writing style present. You then use this knowledge to clean up the entirety of your book. Once these revisions are made and you feel your book is as error-free as possible, you can then seek a full edit.

Should you come back to me after making the revisions, the full edit price will drop as you already took care of much of the work. Regardless of what you use the edits for, take heart! In the end, having some of your favorite mistakes shown to you will make you a better writer.