First-time author just keeps selling books!

After helping Sara Jane Briggs edit, design, and publish her book (or journal, as she refers to it), I got an email from her. She wanted to thank me for my help and update me on the book’s success. Well, because of her supportive group of family and friends, the book has sold like wildfire. In fact, during its first week of publication, The Long Goodbye made it to the top of Amazon, earning the title of #1 New Release in Family & Inspirational Spirituality. The book that claimed second place after hers was the Spanish translation of a book by T.D. Jakes.

What an amazing feat for someone who has never published a book! Even more amazing is Sara Jane’s tireless devotion to telling people about her book. And that may be what has kept her book selling. People love Sara Jane Briggs and want to know about the hardships she’s been through. When they learn she wrote about it, they buy a copy. After they read it, they often buy a second copy to give someone. Then they tell their friends to buy it.

Not only does she continue to sell books to folks she knows, but the book that chronicles the miraculous healing of her husband, Larry, has started impacting complete strangers. How far will the book go? Only time will tell. But for now, congratulations, Mama Briggs!